Book Review: A Boy Ten Feet Tall/ Effective Orphan Care Ministry

A Boy Ten Feet Tall (originally published as Find a Boy) by W.H. Canaway and Effective Orphan Care
Ministry by Larry E. Banta M.D. These two books are about the same subject, one from the view point of
an orphan, the other written for the care giver.

A Boy Ten Feet Tall, a novel published in 1961, is a story about a ten year old boy orphaned during the
Suez war in 1956. Sammy sets out by himself to find his Aunt Jane in South Africa, a trip of over 5,000
miles. This is the story of his trials and triumphs as he makes his way south. It is a story that highlights
an orphan’s pain. The story does over-simplify the problems of recovery. I would recommend this book
for both adult and young readers with one reservation. Social values concerning some of the characters
in this story have shifted greatly in 50 years and some adult guidance might be advisable for young

Effective Orphan Care Ministry is written by a board certified psychiatrist who has provided specialized
training to childcare agencies around the world, specifically for the purpose of producing productive
adults who are Christian. Banta’s outline for orphan-care addresses basic mental and physical care
needs, as well as supportive care for children who may need additional psychiatric care. This is an
instruction manual for helping children who have been abused, abandoned or who are war-torn and
addresses the special issues that will come out with traumatized orphans. Banta stresses structure and
stability throughout the book.

Even though this book is generally Christian based, I would recommend it to anyone working with a
troubled child, without regard to religious affiliation. I would also recommend it to anyone considering
starting a family or even adopting a troubled pet.

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