Book Review: Evacuation Ambulance Company #8 in World War One

A. Gustaf (Gus) Bryngelson has been collecting World War 1 uniforms,
weapons and equipment since 1966 when he was given his grandfather’s helmet
and wound certificate. An avid enthusiast, he has studied all of the
combatants involved in the war and has had many pieces of his collection
featured in area museums and some of the historical reference books written
by Belgian author, Johan Somers. Gus is actively involved in several
international discussions about World War 1 on the internet, serves on the
board of directors of the local historical society and gives presentations
about World War 1 to local school children and service organizations.

Gus has spent the last three years researching and building an exact
replica 1917 Ford Model T ambulance from photographs and historical
documents. While researching documents for his replica, Gus stumbled upon the Frank K.
Frankenfield collection. In addition to providing excellent photographs of
the Ford 1917 Model T ambulance there was a treasure trove of information
included in Frank’s diaries, letters home, post cards and assorted
documents. Upon receipt of this fabulous collection, Gus knew that there
was a book that needed to be written about Evacuation Ambulance Company #8.
This book is his tribute to the men who served.

“Evacuation Ambulance Company #8 In World War One” is a delightful step
back into history about the men who served together in this unit. This
remarkable history contains over 170 photographs and first hand accounts of
the men, machines, equipment and living conditions of an American ambulance
company. This thoughtfully assembled book goes through their adventure of
World War 1 in and easy to read, chronological order, as seen through the
eyes of ambulance mechanic Frank K. Frankenfield and the men who served
with him.

This volume is a well referenced, historically accurate account that will
help anyone understand World War 1 on a more personal level.
Gus and his wife MagDalene make their home in south central Idaho where
they currently work together on their small farm.

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