Book Review–The Map Rock of Idaho Decoded by Don Zuhlke

Don Zuhlke, a native Idahoan, does not claim to be an archeologist but felt compelled to share his theory of Map Rock.

The Map Rock of Idaho Decoded is an interesting presentation of one man’s studies of a long ignored window into Idaho’s pre-historic past. The book leads the reader from one landmark to the next in a progressive fashion that is easy to follow. The author includes questions to piqué the mind of the reader and includes his opinions on possible answers. Photographs of the specific symbols sited are included with the text, as well as photographs of landmarks.

After reading Mr. Zuhlke’s book, I am personally interested in an on-site review and am planning a spring outing. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Idaho history, archeology or a simple outing with the family. I hope, in time, to find reviews on this work by professionals in the fields of archeology and anthropology.