Book Review: Uncontrolled Spin and Unmerited Favor

Uncontrolled Spin and Unmerited Favor by Jerry Summers

Jerry Summers holds an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and a master’s degree in business administration in marketing from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.  Summers also has extensive experience in the various law enforcement fields. Uncontrolled Spin, book one of a planned four-part series, is Summers debut novel. Unmerited Favor picks up the story line with no background introduction. I will be reviewing them as a single book.

Summers writes action scenes that are brilliant, bringing the characters and story to sparkling life. Characters begin as classic archetypes, the gold digger, the dumb blonde, the arrogant male, and do not progress into well rounded people except during action scenes. Summers plot lines are complex and interesting.  The books feature high-stakes marketing venture, serial murder, corporate espionage and romance.

In spite of the flaws typical of a debut novel, I plan on reading the third segment of Jerry Summers’ story which is due to be released in July of this year. This new author shows possibilities for future greatness.

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