Book Review: Wild Berries of the West

Wild Berries of the West by Betty B. Derig and Margaret C. Fuller, illustrated by Mimi Osborne


Betty B. Derig has a master’s in history from the University of Montana. Derig has written numerous articles and four books on western history, including Roadside History of Idaho. Margaret C. Fuller has a biology degree from Stanford University and is a freelance writer.

Wild Berries of the West covers the northwest from the Rocky Mountains to the pacific coast, north to British Columbia and south into northern Mexico.  It is well written with beautiful identification photographs of many of the listed plants.  This field guide includes Native American lore, recipes, medicinal uses and gardening tips. The illustrated glossary of plant parts is clear and easily understood.

Wild Berries of the West is a good, solid field guide that would fit into the libraries of both the beginning naturalist and advanced survivalist.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in native flora

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