Bookish Recipes: Roast Beef Leftover Edition

Last week we shared the recipe for Ken’s famous roast beef. If you made that recipe, it’s likely that you will have some leftovers, so for the next two weeks we will be sharing some of the bookstore’s favorite things to do with the roast beef leftovers to really make them stretch.

Amy’s favorite way to eat the roast beef leftovers is in a special gluten-free sandwich. If you come into the store around noon, there is a good chance that she will be eating one of these sandwiches, lovingly made by Ken.

The first step is to get your gluten free bread out of the freezer and let it thaw, since gluten free bread is often frozen. Making this sandwich on a gluten free English muffin is optional (but not really. It’s better on an English muffin)

Then toast the bread. This is Amy’s sandwich so we will say that you run it through the toaster one and a half times. She recommends that the muffin be toasted to a golden black color.

While the bread is toasting, fix a plate of shredded roast beef with your cheese slice placed on top of it. Put this plate in the microwave just long enough to melt the cheese (about 25 seconds.)

Once the bread pops, slather it with enough butter to make what’s known as “butter soup,” which is a technical term that means that the bread is so soaked with butter that is squishes wonderfully when you bite into it.

Assemble the sandwich and cut it on the diagonal. That the sandwich is cut on the diagonal is of utmost importance. There’s a trick to cutting an English muffin diagonally, but it can be done by making sure that the corners of your cheese slice in the sandwich are diagonal when you cut the sandwich.

This sandwich pairs well with Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Just like a roast beef sandwich, this book is like an old familiar friend.

Bookish Recipes: Roast Beef

The Rubaiyat bookshop in downtown Caldwell has more than just books. We also have a house gnome. Ken the house gnome provides food and muscle for the book ladies and, in order to make sure that he is included in the shop’s online presence, we are beginning a new segment here on the blog. Every so often, Ken will stop by to share some of his most tried and true recipes, in the hopes that our fans and customers can get an authentic taste of the bookshop right from their own homes.

For our first in the series, Ken is sharing a roast recipe that is the perfect thing to cook while you curl up with a new book from the Rubaiyat. As it cooks in the slow cooker for a whole day, your home will be filled with the gorgeous scent of this comfy, easy dinner.

This particular roast pairs particularly well with the novels of Patrick McManus



One roast. Ken says that, following this recipe, he has never met a roast he didn’t like. Even inexpensive, “poorer quality” roasts will become delicious when cooked in this recipe.

Better Than Beef Bullion (or your preferred beef bullion or stock)

One Onion, cut into fourths

8 Whole Carrots

One Tablespoon of Diced Garlic



Dissolve the beef bullion in enough hot water to cover the roast in your slow cooker

Toss in the roast, and pour the bullion/water over it until it’s covered.

Toss in the veggies and garlic

Now this is the most important part. Make sure you do all of this the evening before you plan on eating the roast. Turn the cooker on low and leave it alone. Do not give in to the temptation of the smell during the following day until dinner time.

If you need a knife to serve the roast, you haven’t cooked it long enough. If you need a slotted spoon to serve the roast, you’ve cooked it perfectly.

This recipe makes incredibly versatile leftovers. Recipes for Gourmet Roast Beef sandwiches and Beef Soup will be coming next.