Local Authors Open House

With the construction of the plaza making downtown Caldwell harder to navigate, our local businesses are taking a hit. However, the literary community continues to have a vibrant home at the Rubaiyat bookstore.

On Saturday the 18th, the Rubaiyat bookshop in downtown Caldwell hosted the first Local Author Open House. The cozy shop was chock full of authors of books spanning genres and age groups, from paranormal romance, to poetry, to non-fiction and everything in between. Snacks were eaten and friends were made at this comfortable, motivational event. Writers can tend to be an introverted bunch, so events like this are great for getting artists together to support one another and make connections with like minds. It was also a good opportunity for book lovers to come and visit with the authors of some of the great books sold at the bookstore.

The bookshop also hosts a local authors book club, where anyone can come and read books written by people in our own community and discover local talent.

The Rubaiyat bookstore is well on it’s way to becoming a hub of the creative community in Caldwell. With events like the authors open house, the local authors book club, and an upcoming open-Mic poetry event, the Rubaiyat is there to support local artists and book lovers. As the construction downtown makes it more and more difficult for the small businesses who have made their home there, it’s more important than ever for the community to, in turn, support our friends doing business downtown.

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