Readings at The Rubaiyat

Last Friday was the third monthly open mic reading event at the shop and I think it is safe to say that we are hitting our stride in this event. The first one we did was a joint-event with the seven year anniversary of the bookstore, so it was quite a bit bigger than the group is now, but I think the smaller group is almost preferable. It’s not as intimate as our craft nights or book club nights, but it retains that sort of comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

An interesting thing happened this time. Although there is never any set theme to these events, and even though all our readers signed up independently of each other, Amy was the first to notice that all of the readings this month seemed to dovetail into each other. The evening started with a reading from Mere Christianity about the universality of basic human morality, which was followed by a reading from a memoir about the unique right of passage when a child learns that their parents are human and flawed even if they try hard to be good parents. Following that was a reading from Bill Nye’s book about how science depends on people being able to admit they were wrong and amend their beliefs. The final reading (by me: hey!) was selections from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet about allowing our loved ones to be their own people and about how the role of the teacher is to lead people to their own understanding.

Kind of funny how that happens, huh?

It makes me think of how, sometimes, if you read more than one book at a time, this odd thing will happen where it’s like your books are talking to each other. You will read something in one book, then see that same idea explored in a different way in another book at the same time.

Maybe you should give it a try. Book monogamy isn’t enforced by the Bookshop.

As always, if you are interested in giving a reading, just contact the shop and we can get you on the list. There isn’t any theme, as I mentioned, but your selection has to be appropriate for all audiences and can’t take longer than fifteen minutes to read aloud.

You can read anything you like. Poetry, nonfiction, original works, it’s all on the table.

If it means something to you, we would love to hear it too.

The next Open Mic Reading is scheduled for April 13, and you certainly don’t have to be reading to come and listen.

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